Cloffice: Convert a Closet Into an Office

The brilliant shade makes the cloffice feel like its own individual space, helping to set it apart from the rest of the room—and it doesn’t hurt that it’s incredibly fun, either. This gives you more office converting closet to office storage and work space in an unused bedroom closet. We’re increasingly seeing this approach to storage in renovations and custom homes, where an entire wall is captured with floor to ceiling cabinetry.

Dull neutral colors and strip lights are reserved for the office office, but in your home office be as brave and as playful as you like. Decorate with colors that are going to invigorate and inspire you and reflect your personal style. Closet office ideas, or cloffices as they are coined on Pinterest and Instagram, are the answer.

Closet Office Ideas (Room Conversion Guide)

This is the era of “man caves” and “she shacks”—super-specific spaces customized for your pleasure, and your pleasure alone. But no one seems sure about what you actually do in these places. Maybe your dream is really to convert a closet to an office, a practical space where you’ll have plenty to do, no hunting trophies or gingham necessary. It takes a little ingenuity sometimes, but with a clear sense of direction and some design flair, you can have the home office you want. If you have a closet, large or small—or even just most of one—here’s how you can convert that closet to the office space you’ve been looking to create. A reach-in closet is deep enough to hang clothes on a clothing rod, so think at least two feet deep.

  • Wallpapers, ceiling beams, faux stone walls – there are plenty of ways to keep your closet office from looking bland.
  • “It will often fit under the door and can be held in place with Command hooks,” she says.
  • Because I was adding an office to this room I also had to downsize my craft supplies.
  • If you have a lot of physical files or recordings, samples, equipment, or supplies, you may need highly customized drawers and shelving.
  • In a walk-in closet, you can position the desk along a wall or in the center of the room.
  • This very convenient closet office was designed by Studio Ben Allen, when the desk isn’t in use it just sits flush to the wall and there’s even a space to tuck a chair once work is done.

We love the stone wall look Molly shared on her blog, The Honest Home. It creates a vintage feel that ties in with the warm wood accents. What a great example of how much texture you can introduce without going overboard. If you have a walk-in closet, one great way to use it as both an office and a closet is to keep all of your clothes to one side. Then, when it’s time to do a video call, you can hang up a backdrop or curtain and no one will be the wiser. The thought of working from the inside of a closet can feel claustrophobic, uninviting, and honestly, a little unrealistic.

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Unless you really need it for privacy, consider removing the closet door completely. Most tiny rooms with a door will still feel like a closet, but a little nook without a door could easily pass as a cute home office that you’ve built into your space. If you really need the separation, add curtains or a sliding barn door to separate and define your office space. Just because you’ve turned that closet into an office doesn’t mean you need to completely get rid of your clothes. Eaves are tricky spaces, it’s hard to know how to use them to their full potential.

how to turn a closet into an office

If you’re going to hang an overhead light, take time to find a light with an appealing design. It draws the eyes upward, providing balance and making your closet office look more spacious. The fixture Karrah chose is lightweight and light-colored, subtly tying together the neutral decor.

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